Digital content, templates & educational tools you can use to enhance your marketing efforts.

Boost your online presence with a 1st class website built with data driven insights to help you stand out in a sea of websites and businesses.

Say connected to your customers and enhance your customer experience with Social Media.

Our Frame Your Future event series features both digital and live interactive events packed with content you can use to help you run a more profitable business.

Why ?

Continuing to find ways to attract new customers and gain repeat business from current customers is critical in maintaining long-term success. Partnering with a Marketing Agency can be a very expensive investment. LJ Insights provides you with the necessary tools to Do-It-Yourself.

01 Fresh, Relevant Content

Our high quality product and lifestyle images are available for download and can be used in your own marketing materials. Not sure where to start? Our pre-designed templates can be customized to suit your needs.

02 Data Driven Insights

The framing industry is near and dear to all of our hearts, but the reality is, data about custom framing and its consumers is limited. Through our partnership with Trifecta Research, we are pleased to offer real insights about the custom framing market in an easy to understand way.

03 Digital Support

In today’s digital world, having a website is simply not enough. Potential customers need to be able to find you online in a sea of other websites and businesses. Knowing how to optimize your website so that search engines, like Google, can find you, is key. LJ Insights gives you the tools you need to make sure your website stands out.

04 Brand Building

Our marketing, online & social medial tools and services will help you develop and differentiate your brand; helping you stand out to your customers and make a lasting impression.

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